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Affinity Residential Appraisal Services is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, integrity and service. Armed with 10 years of experience, knowledge of current and past market trends and local markets, and an understanding of the importance of high quality and accurate appraisals, Affinity caters to a variety of needs in determining a fair market value for each residential property.

Affinity offers superior customer service and values not only your business, but more importantly, your trust. Affinity provides a quick turn around while still providing the highest level of standards.


Audrey Klein

Phone/Text: (818) 429-5096



Ali Taheripour, Esq. – Law Offices of Ali Taheripour

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Klein recently wherein she served as the appraiser for my home.  Form the beginning, Ms. Klien exuded confidence and demonstrated punctuality.  She made sure to work with my hectic schedule and made what is otherwise a very stressful situation a comfortable experience.  Ms. Klien was prompt, diligent and professional and I would undoubtedly recommend her services.

Audrey Klein (818) 429 5096

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