The contents involved in a residential appraisal may include but are not limited to the following.


The appraisal incorporates an analysis of the subject property, its square footage, attributes, view type, location, and its influence in the market area. Various maps are included such as a plat map (a map drawn to scale to show divisions of a piece of land) for lot size dimension, an aerial photo map, and a location map (placing the subject and its comparables on a map noting its N/S/E/W proximity to the subject). A narrative is given, including an explanation of the interior and exterior features with reference to quality and craftsmanship of materials used; flooring detail; bedroom and bathroom detail; kitchen and living area detail; as well as all interior and exterior appointments and condition level.


A market analysis is then explained based on past to current market data. This enables the client to understand local market conditions –the increase or decrease in market values based on the real estate local market trends. Critical components to the market analysis include but are not limited to the following: geographical territories, neighborhood boundaries, and the conformity of the property relative to its market area and neighboring competing developments within proximate locations. These factors are all incorporated into the contents of the report for valuation.


The appraisal report generally includes:

  • a reconciliation of how the appraiser determined the value of the property
  • the size and condition of the house and other permanent fixtures, along with a description of any improvements that have been made and the materials used
  • an evaluation of recent market trends of the area that may affect the value
  • a comparative market analysis that supports the appraisal

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